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Courses & Certifications

Learn, Progress & Teach Kitesurfing

Kitesurf Lesson One.

Learn how to assess the wind, set up and control a kite, and address safety rules.



Group sessions are maximum 2 students to 1 instructor with ample practice time.

* 4:1 for Land Lesson


Learn in a 1:2:1 environment to advance your skils even faster. 


After lesson completion, you can practice at "Mark's Beach" on your own surrounded by instructors, fellow students, and pros. Join our strong community of fellow kite surfers


Step One

(Land Based) £60


This class is the initial one in your training where you learn all about how to manage a kite in various wind conditions.

  • Assess and understand wind strength and direction

  • Assess the environment and possible obstacles

  • Set up and pack down your own kite including lines and bar

  • Safely launch and land your kite

  • Power kite flying working different angles

  • Power moves for your next session body dragging in the water

*Group class: max 4ppl per instructor


On the second step, we will be getting our wetsuits on and getting into the water to practice your kite flying skills and start using the power to pull you through the water

  • Bringing on the power with an inflatable (LEI) kite

  • Launching and landing in the water

  • Safety and rescue techniques in water 

  • First body drags

Step Three £120


Step 3 is about getting used to flying a kite while handling the board in the water.

  • Recap on safety

  • Body drags with the board

  • Board retrieval

  • Introducing the board

  • First water starts

Step Four £120


During the third step you touched on your first water start and maybe you’ve even ridden a short distance. During this session, you’ll learn how to keep power in the kite, how to edge and work on getting the right body posture. At the end of the session, you should be able to ride short distances.

  • Keeping power in the kite while kitesurfing

  • Optimal body position

  • Water starts in both directions

  • Learning how to edge

  • Riding short distance

Step Five & Six (121 Instruction) £150

During step four you’ve learned how to keep power in the kite, keep a good body posture and know the basics for riding. During steps five and six, you’ll learn.


  • Perfecting the water start

  • Upwind riding theory

  • Practise upwind riding

  • Working on your posture

  • Control your riding speed by edging

  • Turning direction (transitions)


It will take a bit of time to fully master the above, but the aim of these sessions is to get you going in the right direction.

(* Group size for step five & six is 121 with two way radio comms £150pp)

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