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Getting Back Your Newbie Stoke

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Well here we are, already mid-March, Its getting a little bit brighter every day and the clocks go forward next week, Which, for us Kitesurfers and board sport enthusiasts is as good as summer starting :) So maybe you had some lessons last year or the year before and wanting to get back out with your kite and put some time in on the water, but.............. your just not feeling it, you know what I mean, you go down the beach with every intention that this is the year you’re going to be up on the board, staying upwind or maybe landing a jump or two, however the board and kite stays in the car and you find your convincing yourself that it's not quite right and just spend an hour watching from the side-line... Sound familiar?

So follow the tip list below to help find your 2016 kitesurf motivation.....


First off, understand all thoughts and actions have a consequence, and once you become aware of the impact of your thought habits, you’ll be far more motivated to change them, by saying it’s too cold, the tides not quite right or I don’t like kiting on an easterly, you will keep sabotaging your goals and end up spending session after session standing on the beach, holding up your wind meter, trying to justify your reasons for not getting your wetsuit on and enjoying yourself and progressing your skills.

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Stay Inspired and Focused

One reason many newbie/ learner kitesurfers don’t sustain their stoke is they become frustrated and bored with their lack of progress, you see other kiters getting on their boards easily, staying upwind effortlessly or jumping and landing trick after trick with ease. So make your next kite session outcome measurable, maybe, the only goal this session is to get your board on your feet without diving the kite into the sea and focus on that, everything else is a bonus or not relevant on what you set out to archive, have this individual goal imprinted in your mind before you get to the beach, have a progression route planned on how you will achieve your goal, watch some kite instruction videos, ask fellow kitesurfers for some tips or pointers, visualise a successful outcome, and remind yourself how far you have come since that first lesson with your kitesurf instructor!

Take one step at a time

Another mistake we make at the start of our kiting journey, is trying to do too much at once, even if your 'to do' list is long like nailing board starts, sliding transitions, staying upwind, choose no more than one at a time.

The pleasure principle

If you feel you’re giving up on something you enjoy or you’re forcing yourself to do something you dislike, it will be impossible to keep it up!!!! We are all unconsciously pleasure-driven, so it’s essential to discover your motivational stoke, you will find this as you start to make small achievable steps towards better riding.

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Why you started to kitesurf, nobody ever just brought a kite and surfed without falling off time after time. Take your time, enjoy every moment your spend learning and practicing your kite skills, stick with it, it will honestly change your life.

See you down the beach..... Mark :)

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