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Why I Kite!!!

Birthday drinks at the Thatch

I have always loved living or being near the sea and nearly all my holidays have involved taking my family to coastal destinations, just so I could look out at the rolling surf and daydream about being a tanned, sun bleached long haired surfer, but, as most of us, I'm not! I'm a married, slightly over weight, middle aged male with three beautiful daughters and a smelly dog. So why did I become a kitesurfer and why should you choose Lancing Kitesurf School as your starting point to becoming one yourself?

uncool surf dad

Sunset over Cyoyde

It started whilst on holiday in one of the best places in England (well I think so) Croyde, North Devon. Being the ever dutiful dad, I had promised once again that I would this year take a surf lesson with my girls and not just stand on the beach making excuses. So I squeezed into an unflattering, damp and a very suspect smelling wetsuit, we grabbed our large and uncool play-foam surfboards and very self consciously headed to the beach. Three hours later, and not even anywhere near to kneeling let alone standing on my board, I walked out of the sea with the biggest smile ever..... I was hooked.

Croyde Borrows

Two months later, back at work and the realisation that traveling across the country to find waves was not practical, my new hobby was looking less likely to last until I saw a group of people skimming over the sea and jumping through the air with surfboards and kites. So I thought to myself, why not give that a go, its still surfing, right? After a quick search on Google, I booked my first lesson. What could be so hard? All I needed was the balance of an Olympic gymnast to stand on that little board, the knowledge of an airline pilot to understand the aerodynamics of the kite and the strength of a weight lifter to hold onto it. Correct? Nope all wrong of course, as with all things new and unfamiliar there's a learning curve but with kitesurfing its an experience thats enjoyed. Every new skill and technique that I worked towards gaining, whilst out on the water with a kite, was fantastic.

So here I am, a few years later, a British Kitesports Association (BKSA) approved kitesurf instructor and still as stoked as the first time I hit the water with my kite and board. I want to share this passion with you and help you into this wonderful sport. So why not give Lancing Kitesurf School a call and start your journey. See you at the beach :) Mark

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