Lancing Kitesurf School is committed to bringing you quality, fun and safe kitesurfing lessons. Our courses only take place in learner friendly shallow to waist deep tidal conditions.


We only instruct students when the wind and tide conditions are suitable to progress our students in a relaxed, fun and safe environment.


Lancing Kitesurf School uses the latest kite equipment available.

Lancing Kitesurfing lessons

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The BKSA Level One Course gives a first insight into the excitement of kiteboarding on both land and water. Building confidence is key, so we follow a progressive scheme focused on grasping the basics of kite control and power handling. This is a fun course that will get you to love kiteboarding as much as we do.


Kitesurfing Course Content - BKSA scheme.




1.1 Basic Kite Skills

key points: land based kite flying, wind window, communication signals, launching & landing.


1.2 Water Based Flying

key points: inflatables, rigging & pre-flight checks, introduce harness & safety release, water-relaunch.


1.3 Body Dragging

key points: going downwind, across the wind and upwind, one handed flying technique, balanced body drag, emergency deep water pack-down.


1.4 Theory

key points: site assessment for land and sea, tides, weather, local weather patterns

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Learn To Fly Kitesurf Foil Kites

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This is the ideal and recommended starting point into the world of kitesurfing. This is a land based course, covering both theory and practical aspects of Power Kite Flying.




Principles of safe site assessment

Introduction to safe wind directions and conditions for kiting

Rigging kites

Pre flight checks

Inflight check of equipment & kite settings

Parts of the kite

Introduction to release & safety systems & when to use them

Basic flying & steering skills

Introduction of communication signs

Principles of the wind window & power zones

Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant
Walk and change directions while flying the kite

Set ­up a 4/5 line kite with a full de­power system
Launch and land the kite to an assistant and as an assistant
N.B The above Core Flying Course forms part of the British Kitesports Association Kitesurfing moduled course content, allowing you to progress quicker onto the water during your level One and Two kitesurf course.
Kiteboarding Lessons

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In the BKSA Level Two Course (prerequisite: level one skills) we pick up the pace. Focusing on encouraging independence, we spend the majority of the session honing the skills needed to transfer the power into board speed and riding. This is when things really start to get exciting.


Kitesurfing Course Content - BKSA scheme.




2.1 Dry land demo simulation of water start

key points: site assessment, introduction to different boards body position, board position, kite movement.


2.2 First Board Starts

key points: learn to bring on the power. Learn to correct body position early.


2.3 First Rides

key points: prolonging the travel by working the kite, introduce rights of way rules.


2.4 Independent Kitesurfing

key points: the ability to rig, launch, decide on kite size, site assess, relanch the kite from the water, board start without the aid of assistance.

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